6 Tips to Take Good Care of Your Handbag For It to Look Forever New

6 Tips to Take Good Care of Your Handbag For It to Look Forever New
Our love for handbags is not evident through our huge collection of handbags but how we take care of them. The former portrays your obsession while the latter shows your love for handbags. 
You would have noticed the ones you love the most out of your collection wear out the faster because we use them the most. So, what’s the trick to keep your favourite handbag forever new? Here’s sharing some simple yet important tips that’ll help you take good care of your bags. 
Never Place Your bag on the Floor
It’s a sin to place your precious handbags on the floor. There’s so much dust on the floor and people might trip over it and damage it. No matter clean and tidy it looks, you have no idea how dirty and infected it is. Then you are gonna hold it in your hand later. 
Stuff the bag to Keep Its Shape Intact
Never ever deflate your handbags for saving your storage space. Always store it the way you bought it. With totes and other bags, it’s okay to deflate them and store but not with handbags. 
Don’t Hang It, Store On a Shelf
This is a normal practice to hang the handbag by its straps on wall hangers. It not only damages the straps and shape of the bag but also ruins the stitch. Make sure you store your bag on the shelf or in your closet and never hang them by straps for them to have a long and healthy life. 
Use Dust Bag to Store
Avoid using vinyl and plastic cover for your bags. Make sure you store your bags only in a dust bag. Don’t ever throw away the dust bag that you receive with a handbag. Most dustbags are washable that you can wash and reuse. 
Use a Pouch to hold your Cosmetics 
No matter how many compartments and pockets you have in your bag, it’s a good idea to carry your cosmetics and liquid stuff in a different clutch. It helps in keeping the inner lining of the bag clean and order free. 
Handle the bag with Clean Hands
Never ever touch your bag with dirty hands. Dirt spots, oil stains, fingerprints, etc look shabby on a bag. It’s good that you are obsessed with cleaning or wiping your bags but over-cleaning is also not healthy for it. Might as well, handle it with good care and clean hands. 
Tipsy Note: Pro Cleaning Tip for Lumos Collection
While it’s very easy to store and clean Lumos Bags here’s sharing a simple tip to keep your Lumos bag Forever New- Just dampen a clean dry cloth and wipe the surface of the bag to make it as good as new again. 
These are 6 easy breezy tips that’ll help you keep your handbags forever new and healthy. If you take any measure other than the above-mentioned ones, feel to share it with us. We’d love to know. 

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