The Seed of Life UV + Glow in the Dark Tshirt

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The Seed of Life is composed of 7 identical circles, 1 circle at the centre and 6 circles around it. All circles that create the pattern of the Seed of Life fit together perfectly in their centre. This placement/alignment symbolizes the perfect order of the universe. The pattern of the Seed of Life expands to create the Flower of Life, you will see that this perfect order will continue.


These 7 circles are the core of creation. Together, they embody our 7 main chakras, the 7 notes in the musical scale, the rhythm of life (7 days per week), and the 7 visible colours of the rainbow. It is interesting to note that, even though one single circle is associated with white light, when apparent separation occurs the full spectrum of visible light becomes visible. Despite the apparent separation, white light can be found at the heart of the inner circle where all rays merge as one. These 7 colours are often referred to as the 7 rays of creation. Just as a seed, this symbol contains all the information and elements necessary for creation.

The Seed of Life is also associated with the 7 days of creation because the number 7 symbolizes a complete cycle of manifestation. From the pattern of the Seed of Life, we can draw the number 8 / the infinity sign. It depicts the infinite nature and potential of Spirit/creation. Also, the Seed of Life can be used to draw the yin-yang symbol to illustrate polarity and how each polarity balances the whole in perfect equilibrium.

When we connect the intersection points around the inner circle, we can draw a Merkaba. It illustrates the connection between Spirit and form.






“Prism Vision” by Krystleyez

The Seed of Life also symbolizes the eternal cycle of life on the physical plane which is composed of life, death, and rebirth. Just as in nature, flowers give birth to fruits which contain the seeds necessary to restart the cycle.

This brings me to address the meaning of the larger circle surrounding the Seed of Life.

If we look at the Seed of Life, we notice that it has a sixfold symmetry which creates a hexagon. The next shape (the heptagon) derived from the number 7 does not exist in the inanimate nature due to its association with Spirit in Sacred Geometry. 

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