6 Ways To Keep Your Summer Vacay Vibe Alive While Staying Indoors

6 Ways To Keep Your Summer Vacay Vibe Alive While Staying Indoors
Who would have thought of spending their summer vacation at home! Not even in our distant dream, we thought of a vacation like this. In these challenging times, it’s important to keep calm and diligently practise social distancing.
Although the pandemic has left us helpless without many options to enjoy the summer vacation. However, we have always believed that challenges make the ride interesting. So what, we can’t go to the beaches this year or party like crazy, you have an opportunity to do that you could not have done otherwise. 
If you can’t go out on a vacation this summer, might as well bring vacation home to yourself. How? Figure out yourself. 
Room/Home Decor DIY
Are you bored of watching the same old furniture, the same dull walls and similar set-up every time? Here’s your chance, jazz up things a little. Bring those middle school DIY Lessons to some use now, or you may check out some crazy ones online for an upgraded version. Make streamers, paint walls, sew cushions covers, grow indoor gardens, etc. if nothing just change the lighting of your abode and you’ll see the difference.
Cook Exquisite Cuisines
Now is the time to not only hone your cooking skills but also upgrade it. Try new dishes, bake cookies, experiment with different cuisines that you usually go out to savour your palate with. Surprise your bae with a new dish every day and let you his/her love grow for you with every passing day. 
Weekly Dates at Home
So what if you can’t out to your favourite restaurant, enjoy coffee at your regular coffee shop. A date is a date as long as you and your bae are there together to enjoy the moment in real-time. Light up candles, diffuse essential oils, turn on the mood light, cook your bae favourite food and turn on romantic music. 
Theme Parties on Video Call
Who could have thought that video calls can be so much fun, right? We had a crazy VC party recently, wherein everybody was asked to dress up in a theme and have something to much on in their table while chatting. We all played music of our choice one after another and it was so much fun. Play games online, QnA, Truth and Dare, Pictionary, etc. and the fun just doubles. 
Dress up For Yourself
The day becomes boring only when you stop making an effort. If you’ll wear that same pair of t-shirt and shorts daily that will make your day even duller. Dress up for your Zoom Call meetings, Video chat with friends or if nothing for your Instagram pictures. 
 Take Pictures, Make Memories
The most important of them all - take pictures every day. Whether you are making a new dish today, had a crazy all girls Video Chat, Dressed for the meeting, made a DIY or just cleaned up your room for that matter, click pictures, post on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This is the best way to Interact with your friends. This is how you spread positivity and encourage each other to try something new every day.
We can do a lot more than just cribbing about the crisis or crying in the current situation. Et’s discover the brighter side of it and make our Summer Vacation a bright and beautiful memory to cherish forever. 

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