Comfy Yet Interesting Work From Home Fashion - 101 Guide

Comfy Yet Interesting Work From Home Fashion - 101 Guide
The COVID pandemic has taught us a lot. It has given too much food for thought to all of us to ponder upon. One of the biggest realisations has been our working programme- How conference meetings have moved to Zoom calls, how emails have become a perfect cubical for one on one interactions and there’s no more revolving chair but a comfy and snuggly corner at your home. 
Work from home will become a culture in the coming time which is kinda cool, right? So we thought of preparing you from now on. These 5 super comfy yet chic outfits will keep you comfortable and feel stylish at the same time while working from home. 


The most underrated piece of garment in the whole freaking universe. Sweatpants are heaven. You get into them and then you’ll not feel like coming out of them, only. You stretch your legs to whatever length in them, fold your legs easily or curl yourself for that matter but your sweatpants will keep you comfortable. 


Kurtas are definitely considered formals so even if a meeting pops up suddenly out of the blue you are always dressed up for it. Kurtas or tunics can be so comfortable even in the scorching summer helping you focus only on your work and not itchy, uncomfy, uneasy ensemble. 

Cool Printed T-shirt

T-shirts are the best. From making for a perfect at-home outfit to ideal party wear to decent date wear - t-shirts qualify to be whatever you want them to be. Instead of wearing boring plain tees or uncool screen t-shirts get your hands on some cool sublimation and designer t-shirts. It’ll not only jazz up your work-from-home look but also your mood because what we wear has a direct effect on how we feel. 

Oversized Shirts

 If you find wearing a shirt at home a bit too much, we can understand that but loose, oversized shirts not only look chic but also feel comfortable. Shirt dresses also make for perfect formal wear without making you feel trapped, unlike other dresses.  


Saving the best for the last. TBH, when we say work from home it means most of the time just lounging around. Might as well dress-up aptly for this 9 hours fun drill. Don’t just go by the name, there’s a variety of pretty and colourful loungewear available online that you’ll give-up your denims and dresses for them. 
So what are you waiting for? Now that all eCommerce stores are functioning and you just can’t stop yourself from splurging, we suggest you spend smartly. Most of the time you are gonna stay indoors only, working from home so invest in something that’s more comfortable and is worth every penny you spend. 

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