How to Keep your Fashion Bug Alive & Healthy in the Lockdown

How to Keep your Fashion Bug Alive & Healthy in the Lockdown
“It’s been a long day without you, my friend…” Do you sing these lines to your favourite pair of shoes, handbags, dresses, etc.? Do you also cry like a baby looking at the dresses you bought and never got a chance to wear and now you feel you have outgrown them? Do you also feel your wardrobe will die of cleanliness if this lockdown continues for 1 more week? We feel you, bro!
 Let’s look at the brighter side, we’ve got an amazing opportunity to experiment and try something that we haven’t. Here’s what you can do to not let your fashion bug dormant. 

Style for Social Media

Everybody has turned to social media to socialise. Zoom, Hangout, Skype, etc. have become the new dating hubs. Then why not put your best attire for your social media friends. You may also follow fashion influencers for daily fashion and beauty tips. Style a different look every day and run your own, personal #LockdownChallenge to keep yourself engaged.

Style Your At-home Looks

It’s easier to style a great party look than to manage a decent at-home look. Awaken the stylist in you. The amount of time you used to invest in styling your daily office or college looks earlier, you may invest that in styling your comfy, snug at-home looks instead of donning the same monotonous look every day. 

Slay at Every Video Conference

Even though you are not stepping out of your home to go to the office but you are attending meetings on Video calls, right? Everybody looks funny on video calls, at least you can sport a gorgeous look and make your day because honey, no prince charming is gonna make an added effort to make you feel special in this lockdown. 

Plan & Style your Post Lockdown Looks

The time you have at hand make the most of it. So what we are under house arrest now, the dark clouds are gonna go away soon. Then you can step out like a diva in a new avatar with all-new-refreshing looks every day. So start styling your best looks now or maybe, try your hands at some DIYs and create some new looks with your old outfits. 

Wishlist all Your Favourite Stuff

You just can’t tame the shopaholic in you and feel helpless? This is when window shopping works like magic. It’s not a habit, it’s therapy. Shortlist the best of stuff you find online on different shopping portals, compare them, research about them and add to your wishlist so that when the things will get moving you get grooving.  
We’re doing it all and trust us it’s therapeutic. Our day isn’t boring at all, fashion has its juices flowing in our life, styling and fashion were never this much fun before and the day feels so productive too. Try these five drives and let us know how’s it going.

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