How To Match Your Handbag With Your Outfit

How To Match Your Handbag With Your Outfit
Every person has a different style, outfits and body shapes and it’s tough to keep up with the ever changing trends. From a casual brunch to formal meeting, our outfits always need handbags because let’s face it our outfits are not complete without them. Thankfully, we’re here to guide you on how to up your style quotient with the perfect handbag.
What’s the occasion?

Different occasions need different outfits and different handbag. Imagine yourself in a beautiful classy gown and carrying a heavy tote bag? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen right? Always have the right handbag for the right occasion.
Formal Wear
Whether it’s an important meeting, a business dinner or just everyday work, your outfit needs to have a certain amount of professionalism and the flashy and fancy bags just won’t do. A mid size bag is the perfect choice so you have enough space for your laptop and necessities.  Carrying a satchel is also not a bad idea but only with a tailored suit, you’ll fit right in! You can also experiment with different colours but with the subtle versions instead of sticking to blacks and blues.
Casual Wear
Casual wear is obviously our favourite! Match your sundress with a nice chain purse, or your shorts and sneakers with a boho style bag or colourful backpack.
Evening Wear
Now this can be a tricky one but you can never go wrong with small clutches or small handbags with your cocktail dresses and evening gowns. They give your outfit the sophisticated touch needed for the evening. When you have embellishments matching your handbag, you will never go unnoticed in the crowd.
Travel Wear
Why do you go out for a vacation? To relax and chill. You don’t need the hassle of carrying multiple bags while you’re travelling. Carry a cross body sling or messenger bag so you can carry all your stuff comfortably and have a trip that’s relaxing. A pretty tote bag might just do the trick.
Ethnic Wear
We usually don ethnic wear when celebrating something or if we just love it! Nice colourful clutches or sling bags are the best choice when opting for ethnic clothes as the outfit of the day.

What’s your Body Type?
Just like your clothes make you look more flattering, so does your handbag! In other words, your bag’s shape and length should be in accordance to your curves. Here are some tips:
A pear shaped body will put more focus on your heavy areas with a hip length bag. Try waist length to draw eyes to your slimmer region.
Big busted women who find the scrutiny of other eyes unbearable  should avoid saddle bags as these will draw all eyes to your cleavage. That’s not something you would want to go for.

Petite women should avoid satchels and anything with long hanging straps. Plus sized ladies should carry medium sized bags.
If your body shape is short and curvy, carry long, slim bags to appear taller and slimmer. Avoid low hanging bags as they make you appear shorter.
On the other hand, if you are tall and thin, a rounded, oversized bag is perfect for you.
We hope we could be of some help to you! Visit our site for bags that match every look. Happy shopping!

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