Your Wardrobe is Just Incomplete Without these 10 Essentials

Your Wardrobe is Just Incomplete Without these 10 Essentials
Can you imagine your life without fashion? No, right? There’s so much pleasure in being fashion ready for every occasion, every event, every plan even if it’s thrown at you like a surprise. Not just, that. The best part about it all is slaying every moment and show-up like an epitome of fashion. Fashion Faux pas is not an option whatsoever, right? We understand that and we know that emotion too. So here we bring you 10 essentials that your wardrobe-2020 must have so that you stay ever ready to slay all the time. 

1. White Shirt

  • A white shirt makes your life so easy. You may wear it like a shirt, like an overshirt, tug in the trousers, let lose in shorts, fuse it with an ethenic skirt and much more. It’s just an ace that wins you all the games.

    2. Little Black Dress

    • If your wardrobe is missing an LBD, make sure it’s the first thing that you get post lockdown. It’s a must-have. That way you can save 2-3 hours that you waste on deciding your perfect date look. Trust us!

      3. Black Pants

        • Saviours! From sorting your formal looks to help you style a subtle brunch look, black trousers can be so much more than just a pair of any other trousers. 

          4. A Pair of Blue Jeans

            • There are many girls who live, eat, breath in blue jeans. Well, you can’t blame them. Jeans are so comfortable to wear, flexible to style and perfectly accentuate your curves too. 

              5. A Denim Jacket

                • Gone are the days when denim jackets were a winter wardrobe. They have officially become a perennial favourite. They can jazz up your dullest of outfits, give Insta worthy look and most importantly help you keep tan, dust and burns at bay.

                  6. Cool Designer Tee

                  • Text tees have their place in the yesteryear’s fashion books but psy designs, geometric patterns and mythological artworks are the fashion to today. 

                    7. Sneakers

                      • No matter how many pairs of footwear you own or how luxurious your wardrobe is, if a pair of comfy sneakers is missing from there, it’s not worth it, my friend.  

                        8. A Pair of Heels

                          • We understand your feel more comfortable in flats, bellies, sneakers, etc but a pair of heels will do you no harm. If you do not own any then get your first pair in a nude shade. 

                            9. Tote Bag

                              • Tote bags are love! They are like that friend who always shows up when you need them. They always have room for all your essentials. They never through tantrums like handbags or get rigid like backpacks. They understand you. 

                                10. Matching Mask

                                • Drumrolls for the Fashion statement of 2020! Mask will become a vital fashion element for more seasons than you and I can think of. Matching masks with your dresses will be a legit thing. Our brides have already started the trend and we’re gonna follow their footsteps. 

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